A Shoutout:

So, before I talk about the Roman Ruins we visited yesterday, I want to give a special shoutout to some people. First up, my awesome TA: Alys!

Alys was really fun, and she always knew the right thing to say. She always had a perfect way of knowing when to jump into hyper-mode, and when to settle back down for class. She helped us answer questions, and always listened to what we had to say. She had this very funny line she would always say: “come along my ducklings!” though some of us (like me) would shout: “we’re not ducklings!”

Then, she was forced to call us D’s: Ducklings, Dinosaurs (that’s me!), Dragons, Death Eaters, Dementors and Deadly Assassins. Though more commonly, we were ducks, dinosaurs and deadly assassins, because most of us (not including me!) were deadly assassins. Fore example: we had some ninjas, ghosts and one watermelon (Bobo!).

Also, I want to give a shootout to our amazing walking RA, Kristin!

On the first day, I was walking towards the back of the line. Kristin immediately starts up a conversation and by the second week, she knows nearly everything that anyone has ever known about me. Kristin, Alys, some other kids (who’s names I cannot tell you) and I usually sat together at lunch.

We would talk about the most random things you could talk about, Taylor Swift (I started the conversation!) Katy Perry, dinosaurs, Taylor Swift, the fat and cholesterol content in a brownie, if gummy candy is going to take over the world, and Taylor Swift.

Kristin always made us laugh, and it was completely natural. She had some sort of way of being able to start up a fun conversation. Kristin taught us some really cool stuff in our after-class study sessions, and fun games. She had no way to  turn off her humor, and she was always smiling.

Finally, a shoutout to my course instructor, Ms. Roberts.

Ms. Roberts taught the whole class so much! She could always tell when they needed help. She taught us concepts that might, under different instruction, have taken us weeks, but she taught us constantly, and we caught on right away. Ms. Roberts always knew when to do or say something funny.

Thank you so much guys! You don’t know how you have changed my life for the better. I am positive the other kids in the class (if they had a blog!) would say the same things. Though I tried, words cannot express how fabulous, amazing, funny, witty, creative, powerful, cool, awesome, and intelligent you are. Thanks for the best 3 weeks of my life!


2 thoughts on “A Shoutout:

  1. I hope ur having a good summer and had a good year. Cool blog!

    -A K


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