My Glasses Are At The Bottom Of The Mediterranean Sea

Yesterday we went to the cove again, and the waves were quite rough. The wind caused rocks and leaves to fall on us up until the point where we moved to the regular beach.

We went into the water one at a time to wash the sand out of our swimsuits, when a wave swept over the top of my head, tossing me towards the shore, while underwater the whole time.

When I stopped, I raised my head to try to escape the next wave right before it came crashing down on me. It pulled me backwards into the sea, tossing me backwards and forwards during the whole journey.

I suddenly felt myself being pulled out of the water, and carried to shore. In the battle vs me and nature, nature won by a landslide. During the struggle, my glasses had been swept off of my face.

My parents went to try to find them, because the waters were now too powerful for me or my sister to go in. After about 30 minutes of searching, no luck was met. My glasses were gone for good.

When we got home, we desperately searched online to find a glasses store where we could get them quickly. We found success at the Multiopticas Hernández website.

We went, and quickly found a frame, and the worker informed us they would be ready the next day.

Now, we just got back from the store. They say now it will be ready at 7:00.


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