The Caves Of Nerja

Today found us at the Caves of Nerja, at 9:30 in the morning (Spain time).

We bought tickets for 12:00, and sat at a restaurant until about 11:50, where we entered a video room that gave a description of the cave and it’s history. We were equipped with small boxes that narrated the movie in English.

When we entered the cave, we pressed the first button on the box and a voice told us where we were: the Waterfall Room.

Long ago, a waterfall had run through the chamber, from a tall rock to the side of the room. The water was gone now, but the huge stone tower still remained.

Next we moved to the Ghost Room. It had been used as a burial chamber for the Neanderthals.

The cave was discovered by 5 young men, when they were hunting for bats. They continued to explore the cave until they came across the Ghost Room. They were not afraid of the creepy shadows cast by the stalactites and  stalagmites.

What eventually drove them out of the cave, were the skeletons of the people who had been brought here after they died.

It was called the Ghost Room because of the shadows that flickered in that part of the cave.

Next was the Cataclysm Chamber. There are four rooms in the Cataclysm Chamber, and all of them were weakened by earthquakes, landslides and floods. Many toppled stalactites and stalagmites lay of the ground.

In the second room of the Cataclysm Chamber, a large formation of rock called the Organ occupies it’s tourist’s camera flashes.

It is a formation of stalactites and stalagmites stuck to the wall, forming what looks like an organ, pipes and all.

The next room is called the Candlelight/Cavern Chamber. In this chamber, a huge discovery was made. There had once been large pools of water in this chamber, that Neanderthals had come to so that they could gather water. A clay pot was found near one of the empty pools, and the cause of why it was laying there discarded, is still under investigation.

The final room, the Mine Chamber is currently closed. New rooms were recently found that connect with it, and it is under excavation.


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