Nerja Spain

We flew from Chicago to New York, where we stayed for 2 hours before boarding an international flight to Malaga, Spain at 11:30.

We arrived at around 1 PM, because of the time difference. We rented a car, and drove for an hour to Nerja Spain. We unpacked our things, and walked to the grocery store. We all knew the challenge that lay ahead of us: getting food. Armed with a booklet of Spanish phrases and the Spanish we had picked up or knew, we walked into the store.

My mom and I walked to the deli inside, and tried to talk with the butcher. We soon learned he did not know English, so we consulted our book. We were able to buy some basics: provolone cheese, chorizo, and what we assume to be ham or turkey.

My sister and my father went and bought watermelon, French bread, mustard, lemonade, and eggs.

We had gotten some Euros from the cash machine at the airport, and marched confidently to the cashier. We paid, and walked back to the apartment.

I spent the first two days sick in bed, only eating bread and watered-down lemonade. Today is our second day, and I am feeling much better. We went to the beach, where we enjoyed several hours playing in a little cove.

IMG_3099 IMG_3101 IMG_3105 IMG_3108 IMG_3111 IMG_3119 IMG_3123 IMG_3131 IMG_3136 IMG_3137 11878929_10207006640741879_384840694639074147_oWe ate dinner at a restaurant called the Beach Club. We came home, and finished a beautiful day with playing Uno on the deck.

All in all, our first days have been very enjoyable!


4 thoughts on “Nerja Spain

  1. Glad the trip is going well but sorry to hear you were sick. Maybe your Spanish was a little off when you went to the deli and the man behind the counter gave you salmonella instead of salmon. Bad joke! Have a blast and say hi to everyone buddy.

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  2. Glad you are having fun!

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