The First Chapter:

Ok guys! This is what you’ve been waiting for! Sorry I kind of missed the deadline, but here you go: the first chapter of Jack, The 14 Year Old Wizard, Saves His Magic.

Chapter l: A Visit From Medea And Circe

Fourteen-year-old Jack stared hard at Josephine. He was a wizard, so he believed anything was possible. But not this: his sister talking about something useful.

She had just nonchalantly strolled through the door and announced to Jack and his parents that Flare had just died for the second time. Flare, was her pet phoenix she got when she was fifteen. Now she was sixteen. Jack might have congratulated her, but she was to busy talking to let him in. She continued to babble along.

Before she had gotten Flare, their parents had insisted that she learn more about phoenixes, but she didn’t listen. Then, she totally freaked out when he died for the first time. My mom had to explain to her that every once and a while, phoenixes die. Then, they are reborn from the ashes.

Josephine set down a tray with a pile of ashes on it, and Flare jumped out. He was a tiny featherless baby phoenix, but he began to grow suddenly, until he was as large as a beach ball. His red, yellow and orange feathers were breathtaking. He took off, and flew around the room before setting down on the kitchen table. His wingspan alone was almost as large as Jack.

Suddenly, there came a knock on the door. Jack rushed to open it, and found his best friends: Jonathan, Aaron and Pete. Jonathan’s brown hair was spiked in a mow hawk, as usual. Pete’s black hair hung over his forehead, like a curtain. Pete was extremely pessimistic. And then there was Aaron. His short blonde hair was spread every direction. Aaron always tried to be optimistic, and he did it well. The 17 year old boy always made people feel good.

“We’ll leave you boys to talk!” Jack’s mom said, and his parents walked into another room.

“Hi Jack!” Jonathan said. Then, in a sweeter tone: “Hi Josephine.” Jack still hadn’t gotten used to the fact that Jonathan liked his sister. Josephine saw him and quickly ran up to her room without even acknowledging Jack’s friends.

“So, what’s up?” Jack asked.

Before any of them could answer, smoke began rolling across the floor. It moved across the furniture, so that only Jack and his friends were visible. Then, two more figures appeared with a flash of light. Soon, the people became visible. They were two women. One had long blond hair that went down to her knees. The other woman had shiny black hair that stopped a little below her shoulders.

“Hello wizard.” The black-haired one said. Her voice was sweet, but stern. If that was possible. The other one just grinned at him.

“Who are you?” Jack asked, not because he cared. He wanted them to focus on him so that everyone else could escape. The blond-haired one stepped forward.

“I am Circe, crafter of potions.” She said, with a level of importance in her voice. Then, the black-haired one spoke:

“I am Medea, finest sorceress in the lands! You’re actually more powerful than me, but that’s all about to change!” Medea said.

She waved her hand, and suddenly, she was holding Jack’s crown. It was the crown Jack used to store all his magic. Without it, he was powerless. Medea handed him a list, along with a letter. Then, the smoke began to dissipate. Medea an Circe disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Jonathan, Aaron and Pete peered at the note. It was written in neat, fancy handwriting.

Dear Jack,

To get your crown back, you must venture to many places to steal things. Fail, and your crown shall be broken!

When you have read this letter, it will turn into map.

Good luck on your quest!


Medea & Circe

Then as promised, the note transformed into a map. There was a list of all the items he had to steal. When Josephine came back downstairs, the boys scrambled to explain everything to her. They went over a plan. Well, sort of:

“We have to do this!”

“We? What do you mean we?”

“This is so cool!”

“We’ll probably die doing this.”

After a long discussion, Jack said “So, who’s in?”

“I’m only coming if Flare can come.” Josephine said. Everyone agreed Flare would be useful.

So Josephine was doing it.

Jonathan agreed so that he could spend time with Josephine.

Aaron decided to do it because after all, Jack was his friend.

“We’re all going to die.” Pete said in a toneless voice. “But I’ll come along to say I told you so.”

The team was set.

If you enjoyed this chapter, be on the lookout for the entire story next week!


2 thoughts on “The First Chapter:

  1. This is great! Can’t wait to keep reading!


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