Hunting Snow White: By Kiran Mathew

A twist on the original story Snow White, in the Evil Queen’s perspective.

Hunting Snow White

Jennifer woke with a feeling of dread. She didn’t know why, but it nagged her all day, like a tangle in her long blonde hair. When she walked out of her bedchambers fully dressed in pink for her, Rose and Snow’s school pageant, the servants agreed with her sisters that she looked beautiful.

They all walked downstairs, greeted their father, King George, grabbed a bit to eat, and then walked out the door. The pageant was just getting organized. Snow’s friend from school, Sunnyflow was in charge of set design in the pageant. The manager was helping Snow set up the decorations. Snow was always one to help someone, but she could be cruel and mischievous at times. When the pageant was ready, and the audience was finally silent, the show began. When it was Jennifer’s turn to go onstage, the feeling of dread grew stronger, and stronger as she walked closer to the place she would stand. Finally, she opened  her mouth to speak when something fell from above, and on top of her. It was cold, wet, and it felt disgusting. It was black ink. Her originally pink dress was now stained black. Her once shining blonde hair now flowed about her shoulders as black hair. She looked up. A simple rope and pulley system had been arranged. She looked to find who had pulled the lever that set it off. Her eyes fell upon none other than her very own sister, Snow White. She was smiling at her. Rose was a few feet away, covering her mouth with her hand to cover her snickering. Jennifer ran towards her castle to stop the audience from seeing her tears. When she burst through the door, she ran upstairs to her bedchambers. She opened her window, and screamed. It was a loud scream. One that told everyone someone was hurt. Tears were streaming down her face.

She felt the wind in her ears. It lashed at her, trying to destroy her. When Jennifer looked in her room, she happened to look down. She was floating three feet off the ground. I can fly? she wondered.

She closed her eyes and imagined holding a ball of fire in her pale hands. She looked. She was holding a fireball I have magic!

Suddenly, King George burst through the door.

“What happened to you, Jennifer?” he asked her.

“I’m not Jennifer anymore, dad.” Jennifer said to him. “I, am the Evil Queen.”

“You must be mistaken dear, I am the King, because I am not dead. So you cannot be the Queen.”

“Keep talking and you will be dead.” The Evil Queen threatened. She forced her father to give up the crown, and all his possessions to her. He tried to tell her the law prohibited this, but she summoned up her fireball, and he quickly handed over the crown. She had succeeded in one thing: she now controlled the whole kingdom. She flew out the window to visit her dear friend Lupa, the Wolf Queen. She flew down to the forest and called out. Almost immediately, Lupa ran to her side, the majestic Wolf Queen never failed to look beautiful. Her silky white fur smelled of pine needles. She stood up on her hind legs and she immediately transformed into a beautiful girl.

“Oh my gosh! What happened?” Lupa asked in a worried tone.

“My backstabbing sister dumped a bucket of black ink onto me.” The Queen said, cringing as she thought of the memory.

“And I suppose you’re here because you want-”

“Revenge.Yes.” The Evil Queen cut her off abruptly. “You know me so well.”

She embraced Lupa in a quick hug.

“If I need you, I’ll find you.” The Evil Queen said.


The Queen jumped off the ground and flew back to the castle.

“What are you doing?” Lupa asked, astounded.

“Didn’t I tell you? I have magic!” The Queen shouted. Lupa clapped, then ran off into the forest. The Queen continued to fly back to the castle. She knew she first needed to print out WANTED posters for Snow. She rang the bell in her room, which told a servant she wanted something. Her head of staff, Julie answered the call and stepped in the room.

“I want you to contact the chief scribe.” She said. “I have some thing I need to be written up.”

Julie quickly ran back downstairs to fetch the scribe. The Evil Queen looked around her room for something. She spotted it. Her old child’s play scepter from when she was Jennifer, not the Evil Queen. She grabbed it, and it immediately grew to her size.

“Yes.” she said “This will do quite nicely.”

When Julie returned, she did not have the scribe.

“He is out sick today.” she said.

The Queen screamed and threw her scepter at the door.

“Fine!” she yelled “I’ll do it myself!” She exploded out of the room with all her fiery anger boiling inside of her. She marched down the stairs, and used her magic to write 126 copies of her WANTED poster. She sent them flying out the window for the coachman to take to every family in the village. She walked to the forest, where she called for Lupa again. She appeared at her side.

“Lupa,” she said. “I want you to go find Snow White.”

Lupa ran of immediately to find Snow. The Queen sat down to wait.

She waited very long, but Lupa never showed up. Finally, she went to find her. She found Lupa in a clearing in the forest on top of a hill. She looked around and saw her sisters: Snow and Rose.

“Ah. Snow White, and Rose Red. My two, sisters.” she said, with all emphasis on ‘sisters’. Behind them, stood Sunnyflow.

The Queen smiled.

“Lupa! Kill them!”

When Lupa lunged at them, Rose kicked her away, and  Lupa fell down into a small ditch, no more than three feet from falling off the hill. Snow pulled a bow off her back and took an arrow from her quiver. The Queen wanted to help Lupa, but she couldn’t risk turning her back on Snow, Rose and Sunnyflow. The Queen stuck out her hand and shot green electricity from her fingertips. The electricity connected with Rose, and sent her flying backwards. Snow gaped at her, but didn’t say anything. When Sunnyflow tried to attack her, the Queen shot a stream of water at her, sending her tumbling down the hill.

“2 down, 1 to go.” The Queen chuckled. She got a fireball ready, but Snow suddenly leaped over her and took off running. By the time the Queen turned around, she was gone. While her back was turned, Sunnyflow and Rose kicked her in the small of her back. She fell forward onto the hard ground, and they ran off.

“Ah!” The Queen said as she landed with her face in the mud. She was now, very, very dirty.

“I can fix that!” a familiar voice said. Trixie, the very annoying faerie who was always making people miserable.

“Wash this mud away!” Trixie said to the wind. In response, a huge wall of water came cascading down on the Queen.

“STOP!” The Evil Queen said, shielding her face with her hands. Her loud scream scared Lupa away. Suddenly, the sound of roaring of water stopped. She was brave enough to sneak a glance. She saw a giant wall of ice before her. Trixie was astounded.

“What? How? Did you…?” she stuttered.

“Yes, I did.” The Queen said proudly. Trixie just stared at her. The Queen grinned, and then sent a rush of air, sending Trixie flying backwards, and far away. The Queen then flew back to the castle. She looked into her large gold-rimmed mirror.

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who is the fairest one of all?” It was a simple question, where she did not expect an answer. Yet, she got one.

“Snow White, is the fairest one of all.” The Mirror spoke to her, at first it was a cloudy image displayed in the Mirror, but now it was a face. He had a deep voice, very commanding.

“What?!” The Queen was outraged. She tried to ignore her anger, but it got the better of her. She rang her bell, and Julie walked in.

“Send for the  finest Huntsman in the land!” The Queen said. “I want to end Snow White, once and for all!” Her last sentence echoed around the chamber. By now, night had fallen. A storm had started. Lightning struck threateningly close to the ground.

“Ha ha!” The Queen said. She was almost cleared of hearing the words ‘Snow White’ ever again.

The next day, the Huntsman arrived.

“Now,” she said, “I want you to find, and kill Snow White. Should you fail, your head shall hang from my ceiling!”

“Consider it done.” The Huntsman replied.

He went off to the forest, feeling glad to be of assistance to the Queen. She waited for him to return. When he did, he held a box. He claimed Snow White’s heart was inside the box.

“See?” She said to the Mirror when the Huntsman had left. “See? I have her heart in this box! Now I am the fairest one of all!”

“Actually, you aren’t.” The Mirror said.

“Yes I am!” The Queen said, slightly annoyed. She opened the box to prove it. Inside, she found a mound of dirt.

“Ahhh!” The Queen hurled the box at the wall, missing the Mirror by inches. She was furious. She marched to the basement of the castle, and used a potion to make herself have the appearance of an old hag. The label said it lasted for 1 hour. She grabbed 5 apples from the closet. She dipped one in a poison that would make Snow fall asleep, forever. She then, set out for a cottage Snow, Rose and Sunnyflow were staying at, owned by 7 goblins. She soon found that the goblins were out working at the fruit orchard, along with Rose Red. She knocked on the door, and Snow answered immediately.

“Hello. Would you like to try one of my apples?” The old woman asked.

“My, they certainly do look delicious. The old woman picked up the poisoned apple and handed it to her. Snow bit it, and gasped.

“My! This is very amazi-”

Snow fell to the ground, fast asleep.

The old woman cackled with glee. “Now only a prince can wake her up!” The disguise vanished, and the Queen flew towards the castle. Meanwhile, she cast a curse upon her. Should the goblins look upon her face, they would fall to the ground, and would only wake if Snow did. Then, she continued to float away. When the goblins and Rose returned, when the goblins saw Snow White fast asleep, they fell to the floor as well. Rose stared in astonishment. She sat by her sister. Meanwhile, the queen decided to watch, so she dropped to the ground and hid behind a bush. A man on a white horse approached in the distance. When he got closer, the Queen saw he was a hideous mess of a prince. At least he looked like a prince. His clothing was very fine, and he wore a small crown on his head. He approached and dismounted his horse. He looked at her. He thought she was beautiful, so he leaned over. Before he was going to kiss her, the Queen cast a sleeping curse upon him. He fell on top of Snow, and his lips touched hers. She instantly woke. Meanwhile, the goblins were stirring. It took Snow, all 7 goblins, and Rose to pull the prince off of Snow.

“No!” The Evil Queen’s vice shook the forest. Snow, the goblins and Red ran inside the cottage.

That was a mistake. The Queen thought, as she hurled a fireball at the small cottage. First, the roof caught fire. The girls didn’t notice until the walls caught on fire.

The Queen heard a scream from inside the cottage. The goblins ran outside the cottage, carrying Rose and Snow on their shoulders. The goblins set the girls down on the ground, then desperately tried to put out the fire with twigs.

Oh well, the Queen thought. I may be evil, but i’m not cruel! She clapped her hands, and drops of water came falling from the sky. Soon, there was a giant downpour, and the rain pooled in puddles on the slick ground. The fire was put out, and Rose, Snow and the goblins ran inside the cottage to escape the rain.

When the Queen returned home, the Mirror started to annoy her.

“You call yourself evil?” He questioned, humor in his voice. “You let the cottage burn for less than a minute before you put the fire out! If you were a real villain, you would have let it burn!” The Queen tried to ignore him, so she began to tidy up her room. She picked up her staff that she had thrown at the door yesterday. There had once been a glass ball at the top of the staff, filled with magic. So much magic, it appeared yellow. Now, the glass was broken, and the magic had long before escaped when the ball cracked.

I shouldn’t have thrown it! The queen thought. Meanwhile, the Mirror continued to insult her, up until the point where she gathered all her strength, and punched right through the glass. The Mirror immediately shattered, and glass fell to the ground.

There. The Queen was now almost satisfied. She threw the Mirror out the window. Then, she walked downstairs, to the dungeon, where she had a cell ready and waiting for Snow. She opened the door.

“Soon Snow White. Soon, this will be your home!” She cackled with glee. Suddenly, her vision went black.

When she woke, she was tied to a wooden post. Snow, Rose and the goblins were holding extra rope.

“What the heck is going on?” The Queen’s voice bounced from wall to the wall in the giant chamber. Rose lunged at the Queen, and stuffed a gag in her mouth. Well, tried to. The Queen pointed her hand at rose and blasted her backwards, and she stumbled into an empty cell. The Queen sent a rush of air, and the door closed and locked. The Queen smiled at Snow. Rose tried to kick the door open. She screamed, and she yelled at the Queen and cursed, but the door wouldn’t move. Finally, the Queen used magic to bind Rose tightly with rope. Snow stared from the Queen, to Rose. Suddenly, when Snow turned towards Rose, the Queen broke the ropes apart, freeing herself. Snow stopped, and stared.

“You have magic?” Snow questioned.

“Yes. I suppose you didn’t ask before because we were busy fighting.” They were so busy talking that the Queen didn’t see the knife behind Snow’s back. Snow backed against the door of the cell and used the knife to break off the lock. When it hit the floor, the Queen saw the knife.

“No!” The Queen shouted, and sent a surge of water blasting from her fingers. The water kept coming and coming, rising higher and higher. Up to Snow’s knees. Her hips. Her shoulders. Soon, the water filled the dungeon. The Queen walked up the steps, and walked out the door. Only then, did the water stop. Snow and Rose were screaming, and crying. Their tears only made the water rise higher. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion, and the room began to fall. Snow grabbed Rose’s hand and desperately tried to swim to the door. Just when they reached the door, the ceiling collapsed. The jumped, and slid through the doorway. There was a tremendous splash, and water began rising out of the dungeon. Since the ceiling of the dungeon was the floor of the castle’s parlor room, the parlor room got pulled downwards, and the furniture slid underwater. Then, Rose pointed. The water had kept rising because Snow had accidentally busted a water pipe while getting Rose out.

“We have to go upstairs!” Snow screamed over the noise of the water. They ran up the steps to the Queen’s bedroom.

“No! How did you get ou-.” The Queen’s rage was interrupted when water surged through the door, and she was swept along with it. The water filled the room, then the glass of the windows gave in and cracked. The water began to fall from the windows, carrying the three sisters with it. They fell from the top floor, down past the second floor. When they thought they were finally going to go splat, The Queen guided the water away from the ground. Then, they fell delicately, but still being swept by the water. Sunnyflow was walking along the road when they came crashing through. She too, got swept up in the current. They went siding through the forest, where the gathered twigs and leaves as well as Lupa. They continued to sweep along, until they saw an arch.What they saw through it looked different to all of them. To Jennifer, she saw Snow laying asleep on the ground. Snow saw herself, saying she wished she hadn’t dumped the ink on Jennifer. Rose saw her sisters back together. Sunnyflow saw a land devoted to people named Sunnyflow. Lupa saw a lush green forest, with all the berries and rats she could eat. They each stepped through the arch. Each of their lives began again. Sunnyflow was transported to a land devoted to people named Sunnyflow. Lupa was transported to a lush green forest. Snow and Rose were transported to a land without Jennifer, where their memory was erased, so they forgot who Jennifer was. Jennifer’s intentions were not pure, so she stayed there. She looked around. Everyone was gone. She called out for her faithful friend, Lupa. Nobody answered. She weeped as she flew back to the castle. When she went through her window, she sat down and weeped more. Suddenly, wind ripped at her skin. It tore at her hair. She could barely see. Her hair was flying everywhere, and the curtains were flying about. The wind grew stronger and stronger. she screamed and hid under her bed. Her black hair rested on her head while she hid under her bed. Jennifer fell asleep. Meanwhile, the wind grew much stronger. It grew so strong that it picked up the castle! It tore and ripped at it, until the wind stopped. The castle began falling, down, down. It crashed onto the ground, and the top floor caved in. The second floor fell under the weight. They crashed onto the ground, where the house was a mess. The first two floors had been completely flattened, as had everything in it. Jennifer had been on the top floor, but she somehow survived. Suddenly, the black ink began to fall out of her dress, restoring it to it’s original pink color. Next, it fell out of her hair. Her long blonde hair was here once again. In her hand, she was holding a pink wand with a star at the end. A short little man walked up to him.

“Hello!” he said in a squeaky voice. “Would you like to be our commander?”

“Ok…” Jennifer said.

“Great! What’s your name?” he asked.

“Jennifer.” she replied.

“That just wont do! How about… Glinda?” he asked.


2 thoughts on “Hunting Snow White: By Kiran Mathew

  1. Terrific buddy! And you made some small improvements since I read it Tuesday…nice job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gracewestpfahl 31 Jan 2016 — 11:50 am

    I love it! Nice ending with Glinda!

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