Chicago Fun

I drove to Chicago Illinois on Friday to go to a three week Center for Talent Development (CTD)  writing camp at Northwestern University. I stayed at my grandparent’s house until 9:30 this morning, where I drove to the hotel me and my Mom and I are staying at in Evanston. Today I walked 6.7 miles, it would have really hurt my feet, but last year, my mom bought these amazing Nike shoes, and they feel so great!

On the way, we stopped at a cute little shop called Tutti Frutti, and now, they have BUBBLE TEA! I just love bubble tea! It is a refreshing blend of flavored syrup, tea and tapioca pearls. The tea at Tutti Frutti was very good.

We walked to Northwestern and looked around the campus. My dad went to college there and he knew the way (sort of), so finally, we just stopped and asked a man on a bike for directions.

Also today, we went to Starbucks, and I got this amazing passionfruit lemonade. I really recommend it to anyone who needs a nice refreshing beverage!

I need a computer for my camp, and my mom needs to do work on our mac during the day, so we’re thinking about getting me my own computer for the camp. I am trying to decide from getting another Apple mac, or a new Surface Pro 3. I really want the Surface Pro, but I also really want the mac. I have been a customer of Apple for a long time, but I also thing the Surface Pro would be cool. I can’t make up my mind!! Help!!


1 thought on “Chicago Fun

  1. Hmm. Maybe stick with a Mac since you have so many Apple products that can easily interface with it? Transferring files and such would be a lot easier. Just a thought. Best of luck at camp buddy!


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