The Zookeeper and The Green Banana by Kiran Mathew

The Zookeeper and the Green Banana

Michael Johefson reached into his pocket and pulled out his key to the main gate of the NYC Zoo. He walked inside, and looked upon the main exhibit, giraffes. He went through the usual checklist in his mind:







➣Big Cats-check



The silverback gorilla named Barb was holding… a green banana! She nibbled a small bite, then tossed it to an orangoutang named Jo. He caught it, nibbled, then threw it to a spider monkey. All the monkeys repeated the pattern: catch nibble toss. Then, Michael glanced at Barb. She had turned GREEN! She was now a greenback gorilla. “AHHH!” Michael screamed as he turned and saw Jo, the greenoutang. All the monkeys had turned green! Then, Barb threw the banana out of the cage and into the main water pipe. The water pipe supplied water to all the animal’s cages. Michael stared in horror at the clock, 9:20. The animals got their water at 9:25. “AHHH!” Michael knew that the banana had gotten into the water. He ran to his bosses’s office and wrote a letter of resignation, then ran screaming out of the zoo.


Michael had a new job, and decided to take his family to the NYC Zoo. He walked through the gate and came face to face with a green hippo. The hippo smiled, showing green teeth. Michael ran out of the zoo, found his car, drove out of the city, to the airport, and flew to Asia where he became prime minister of a banana-free country.


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