The Boy With The Pink Floatie By Kiran Mathew

the boy with the pink floatie.

“the boy” lounged in the pool on his trademark pink flotation device (floatie). “the boy” is not his real name, but lately it seemed nobody remembered his real name, and thus called him “the boy”. Even his own parents called him “the boy”. when people had first started calling him “the boy” he thought it had been a joke. 2 years had gone by. it wasn’t a joke. returning to the present, “the boy” was using his arms and hands to push his body (and floatie) to the edge of the pool, where his phone rested. Several message notifications made themselves visible as he pressed the power button. “the boy” entered the passcode to his phone and looked at the messages. one stood out, it was from uncle bob. it read:

how are you boy?

“AHHHHHHHH” the boy hurled his phone out of the pool and it sailed over the fence that enclosed the pool deck, and onto the street where it smashed into a thousand pieces.


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